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Success Stories

Bancroft, Haddonfield,NJ Following the success from the first grant training, Bancroft decided to focus on core competencies and conduct training for all employees Bancroft secured grant money to pay for Customer Service, ACBIS, Time, Stress, and Performance Management, Behavior-based Interviewing, and Recertification training 1) Staff turnover continues to drop.
2) Trainees wage reimbursement pay for training cost.
3) Increased client satisfaction rating 
The Arc of Camden, Berlin, NJ Already experiencing high staff retention and operational efficiency, The Arc aims to improve employee happiness and service levels. Arc Camden requested Act-Cess to provide training in Conflict Resolution, Computer, Communication, and Supervisory Skills via the NJDOL Customized Training Program. 1) Service level continues to improve.
2) Higher computer proficiency for more employees
3) Employee happiness metrics are up.
Hudson Community Enterprise,Jersey City, NJ Rapid growth and commitment to upgrade workforce skills, HCE thru Act-Cess laid out a comprehensive staff development program. HCE rolled out training on organizational effectiveness such as Change Management, Performance Review, Behavior Mgmt., and Operational Efficiency (Lean) in their social business enterprises. 1) More streamlined work review process lead to improved staff performance.
2) Plan is in place for more efficient workflow.